Do you want to break something? Don’t resist your instincts. Break & relax.

The most stress-relieving game of all time is here.

In your work, does your boss put a lot of pressure on you?
Are the lessons and exams crushing you at school?
At home, does your parents not understand you?
Does your wife want something constantly absurd from you?
Even when you’re walking down the road, are you getting tired of people?

And can not you do anything against all of this?

You need a serious relaxation therapy.

Break-X is here to give you what you want.

Just break it and relax.

Sometimes to get relaxed, sometimes to be a jailer, and sometimes just to spend some time, you can break something

You can break what you want among dozens of objects.

All you have to do is make sure you destroy the previous one. So you will find a menu that is constantly changing and evolving in front of you.

If you have something special that you want to break, remember to write to us in comments.

You can include endless entertainment by downloading this game.

We all wish good relief.


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