How long can you survive the chaos created by speed? A new fun in old style.

The creators of MyDragonX offer a new game where you can’t stop playing.

You will feel nostalgic, and you will have full enjoyment and tension.

If you are a retro computer games fan once, you are sure to love this game.

Everything is very simple. The only thing you will do is not hit the ships from opposite sides. It’s that easy.


We don’t think so.

Your ship will speed up and drag you into a vast chaos.

Your score will increase as your speed increases, but nothing will be easier.

Do not forget to collect the bonuses that are on the way. They can give you firepower and even more speed.

If you want to see your name on the “Global Leaderboard”, do not forget to register. So you can compare yourself to other players in the common platform of both iOS and Android users.

Come on, Don’t miss the last addictive game of CelestialXApps. Now you can download it for free.

Keep watching us.


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