From egg to adulthood.
Adopt your own 3D phoenix and take care of it.

Phoenix, it’s a legendary bird species that we listen to at the fairy tales, right? This myth, which is known with the name of Anka in Arab culture, was defined by the Turks as Zümrüd-ü Anka. And it is also known as Simurg by persians. This myth in different cultures has led even researchers to think that such a tide exists.

In Greek mythology, it is said that phoenix is ​​quite long-lived, that everyone can not see it, and those who see it will reach eternal happiness.

The story of the phoenix, which is the subject of many artistic figures and stories, has been interpreted in the same way in different cultures.

As soon as Phoenix begins to feel the approach of her death, she begins to build a nest of dry branches and fills it with an unknown gum. He then waits in his nest for death.

He dies by burning, and according to legend, a phoenix reappears from his ashes. so many believers, including Christianity, were adopted as symbols of re-existence and resurrection.

As CelestialX Apps, we offer you the opportunity to become a part of this magnificent legend, as well as 3D.

If you’ve had the excitement of MyDragonX and MyDragonX: 2nd Generation, then you’re ready to play.

You can adopt a phoenix and help him get out of the egg.

But it’s known that when you have your baby phoenix, things will not be easier. You have to feed him and make him a wise bird.

It should not be forgotten that phoenixes love to fly freely in their light and open spaces.

So, you should get his flying exercises done often and get lots of light. Of course, do not forget to prepare nice meals and make sure that you feed him properly.

If you want to be part of this story, you can download the game for free.

Come on, the legend is waiting for you.


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