From egg to adulthood.
Adopt your own penguin and take care of it.

Penguins are as legendary creatures as dragons.
Do you have an adventure in the South Pole that has not happened before?
In cold and windy weather, under adverse conditions, adopt a poor penguin and give it a chance.

When you download this game you will have your own adopted penguin egg. If you can keep the egg as warm and clean as possible, the egg will crack and a baby penguin will come to the world.

This cute baby needs mother’s warmth. So the temperature is important. Burn a constant fire and protect it. When it has a stomachache, you can feed it by fishing in the hole in the ice. Feeding it is also very helpful to its growth.

When you do all this, the penguin grows big enough. Of course, it is important to remember that when a child grows up, the desires and demands grow. Now it is not enough to just feed and keep your penguin warm, but also to entertain and educate.
You can achieve this with the help of the mini games included in the game.

Do not forget that there are clothes and accessories to help you at every step.

If you want to have a penguin friendship by joining this unique adventure in the South Pole, you can download this game for free.




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